Chapter Photos

Do you want to see what members sew?  Do you want to see some of our events?  Click the button below to see photos in Bublup.  You will need to create a free account. 

Bublup Photos

Adding Your Photos

You are welcome to add photos too.  Here's how:

• Click Bublup button below
• Select the American Sewing Guild folder in upper left
• Click on the blue plus in lower right corner
• Click on image/video and this will open up a window for you to select your image from your computer
• Once you select your image/video click open at the bottom of that window. Or you can double click the file and it will automatically add it
• At the bottom of your uploaded pictures there are 4 icons to click on. The first one will open your picture to full screen. The second one will let you leave a comment on a picture. The third will let you select an emoji for the picture. And the fourth will let you edit your picture in another window that will open.

Bublup Photos